Libero user research masterclass – May 10-12, 2017

User Research is the fundamental skill that underpins the disciplines of Service Design, User Experience Design and Interaction Design. Students will develop a theoretical understanding of the toolbox of user research techniques, gain hands-on experience performing user research and be able to analyse and present their results.

The key skill that students will learn is the ability to listen and observe users in order to understand the underlying emotional motivations of a user. It is important for researchers to learn to separate three aspects of the user: what they say they do or feel, what they actually do or feel, and why they do or feel something.

Venue: TBD

Price: $1200 per person

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DMO – Design Management Office

Many organisations want to embrace a design enabled, user-centred approach, but just don’t know where to start. Libero offers government agencies a specialist capability development service we call DMO. We help you grow your own staff or recruit new specialists, embed a design culture more widely in the organisation and in projects, and we can support your long-term grown through mentoring and project support. Libero DMO will help you create true multidisciplinary teams that fulfil the requirements of the DTA Service Design Standard, right inside your own organisation.

Our service covers:

  • Organisational need analysis
  • Recruitment (internal and external)
  • Organisational culture preparation and C-level
  • Training in user research, service design, user experience design and agile design integration
  • Process and methodology development
  • Mentoring and coaching through training and tactical project engagement