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David Heacock is a partner in the innovative online social retail start-up

Thanks to a team of experienced retail marketing professionals and web developers, savvy shoppers can now find, try, save, ‘stalk’, and buy the things they want across retail (on/offline).  And they can get alerted if an item goes on sale or is running out of their size.

Stalkthis is a highly personalized shopping tool. It’s a mobile app and website that will revolutionise the way retailers and consumers engage with each other over the products they ‘will purchase’.

The technology tracks and monitors specifically chosen products and alerts shoppers to changes in price, stock levels and store promotions. People use Stalkthis to help them shop. It connects their online and offline shopping. They don’t use it to see pictures of friends, far away places or ‘like’ something they are unlikely to buy. It ensures retailers are creating and maintaining enduring and highly engaged relationships with shoppers and embracing the show-rooming in their stores.

Stalkthis is changing the retail business model by compiling a dataset of consumer purchasing preferences and desires based on what shoppers actually want and need, with the ability to predict in real-time what customers will buy and giving them instantaneous access to buy it.

Stalkthis’ data applications are significant – presenting retailers with simple, digestible information that can be used to create marketing strategies around product, price and direct promotions, including direct ‘push messages’ to consumers who have ‘stalked’ their items.

Rather than putting their entire store on sale, retailers can chose to discount a size or colour, if they can see the demand is there. Through the push messaging system, retailers have a greater opportunity to connect on a more personal level with their customers and can use the system to further enhance or build brand loyalty.

The Stalkthis project is currently on hold awaiting further investment.


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