Customer Service Centre iPad Kiosk project

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Customer Service Centre iPad Kiosk project

Streamline Immigration Counter Operations across Australia with the introduction of self-serve iPad kiosks to support high-volume client interactions that can be serviced via the online channel.

Using the Business Design Lab process, David Heacock guided the team from Customer Service Operations to frame, validate and articulate their problem through discovery workshops, empathy mapping, persona development and on-site contextual enquiry. Once they fully understood their basic problem, they could validate their solution hypothesis – that iPad kiosks would reduce pressure on counter staff by diverting clients to a self-service environment similar to self-service supermarket checkouts. David and his team prepared and deployed a prototype to observe and evaluate user, environmental, technical, staff interaction and content factors, leading to a recommendation that the project should proceed to full production. During the solution design phase of the project, the team had to overcome issues such as repackaging single-user focussed services for kiosk use, data privacy between sessions, corralling users with an online zone and managing the limitations of the available online services.

The team designed and developed a corporate IOS application to package, present and manage three core online services: finding a visa, calculating the cost of a visa and checking a visa holder’s visa entitlements – all common tasks that most clients could undertake on their own after being directed to the kiosk. Across all the DIAC Counters in Australia, the iPads freed up an estimated four full-time resources and serviced approximately 800-1000 clients per day, with the added benefit of educating these clients in the use of the digital self-service channel and reducing their return visits.


Facilitator, Researcher, UX Architect, UI Designer, Technical Architect, Prototyping


16 weeks


Dan Macfadyen, David Heacock.