Aged Care Gateway

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Aged Care Gateway

The Department of Social Services Aged Care Gateway project aimed to streamline and standardise care to older Australians through a network of public and private sector organisations in a diverse range of settings from hospitals to community care. David Heacock led a team of design professionals to develop the initial digital service concept and prototype that informed the detailed system design. This was achieved through extensive stakeholder engagement across the aged care sector, deep user research though contextual enquiry, co-design workshops with industry participants, digital prototyping and an intensive national roadshow in collaboration with the department of Health and Ageing to promote the project and seek feedback.

David, Phil and Walter supported the program with the following activities:

  • Development of a custom UX Architecture to align with DSS’s Agile and waterfall development methodologies;
  • Leadership of a design team;
  • Extensive user research within the aged care sector across a wide range of administrators, service providers and clients;
  • Cultivation of an industry consultative group for weekly co-design activities both in Canberra and around the country;
  • Design of services across multiple channels including web, phone, email, SMS, paper and assisted digital;
  • Development and user testing of digital prototypes;
  • Maintain and evangelize the product vision;
  • Nation-wide aged care industry roadshows to demonstrate the prototype and seek feedback; and
  • Provide department-wide advice on Accessibility and tactical advice in individual products.


Service Designer, Interaction Designer, User Researcher, Digital Transformation Advisor.


6 months.


David Heacock, Phillip Barnes, Walter Sung.