About us

Libero Digital is here to help you let go of your preconceptions and thrive. Think of us as a reinvention of the digital design and services consulting firm. An endlessly adaptable and collaborative team not so interested in what worked yesterday, as what will excel tomorrow.

Lean, nimble, responsive. Led by passionate and experienced professionals. We specialise in strategic consulting, user research, user experience design, service design, interaction design, web application development, and the new. What we say, we do. Delivery is everything.

In the space between the large companies and the freelancer, we innovate through design to transform the way people interact with the world of products and services. We transform the way they live. And transform your thinking on how the future can work.

Libero is the collective for the digital age, bringing together highly experienced consultants and practitioners in unique combinations for specialist assignments, without the overheads of the large firms. We hand pick our projects, keeping our people fresh and creatively challenged, growing the diversity of our collective experience every day.


The Libero Way

The Libero team share a common set of ideals and a core philosophy. It is what bonds us, drives us to excel and keeps our creative and professional passions alive.


We believe in the outcome

We never say the overused words “make the world a better place” – we simply commit to believing in the outcome.

At Libero, nothing kills our passion more than a project we don’t believe in. If we can’t see how we can improve the lives of citizens, or help to change a business we admire, then we don’t take it on. Our consultants come to every project believing in the outcome and striving to fulfil the promise that our methods and skills can deliver.


We are design thinkers

At the heart of everything we do is innate design thinking. Not a new buzzword that we just latched onto, but core to the way we have always seen the world and approached problem-solving. Each of Libero’s principals started their careers in the design industry and have been at the cutting edge of digital technology delivery ever since, living design and firmly championing the cause wherever we go. You won’t see us trot out double-diamond design thinking posters or talk about ‘ideation’, we just do it. We don’t bring dogma or design ultimatums, we won’t tell you that the world will end if a user’s need isn’t prioritised – we help clients understand the risks and trade-offs to find pragmatic solutions to complex problems.


We are lean

We are not here for the glory of the flagship project or the shiny office. We are here to apply our skills to fixing problems for people. Our experience with tech start-ups has schooled us in the true meaning of lean – the persistent struggle between time, delivery and resources. Whether we are developing our own products or consulting on a multi-million dollar government program, we champion lean principles. We strive to find a core truth and value proposition in everything we do. Each Libero engagements starts with our trademark scoping workshop – more like a corporate therapy session – where we challenge clients to strip their project down to be bare essentials and encourage them to think like a start-up.


We are agile

The rise of Agile methods for software delivery has in many ways been a completely natural fit for designers. The idea of big waterfall projects where design was delivered in a vacuum, is completely at odds with a designer’s sense of exploration and iteration. Libero’s approach to agile is adaptive and non-dogmatic. We have a core methodology that we bring to projects that ensures a strong connection between design and development, and our consultants blend seamlessly into larger projects with a variety of Agile methodologies and practices.


We are collaborative

There is an old saying about consultants: “they borrow your watch to tell you the time“. To a certain degree this is true, but slightly misses the point. At Libero, we firmly believe that we don’t have all the answers, and that we have to work closely with clients to learn the detail of their processes, policy or client interactions. Our job is to catalogue, interpret, evaluate and illuminate all of the best insights and ideas that already inhabit a business, finds those that are missing and shape a future with our wide experience and specialist skills. We strive to find a path that melds the needs of the user and the business in a harmonious partnership. We are the trusted advisor amplifying the quiet experts or the marginalised users, confirming the well-trodden paths or busting the corporate myths.